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'Childcare' - Business or Profession? - March 2015

Policy Brief Childcare Business or Profession?Early years services need to be seen as providing a public service, not as private businesses, according to the latest Policy Brief from Start Strong, 'Childcare' - Business or Profession?


On 3 December 2014, Start Strong held a conference called 'Childcare' - Business or Profession? The conference, which also saw the launch of a major report, asked how we can ensure high quality in Ireland's early years services. The conclusion was clear: we need to see 'childcare' as a public service, not as a business or a 'market'.

This Policy Brief is a four page summary of the full report 'Childcare' - Business or Profession? which was launched on the day.

Short on time?

Read our one page summary of the conference and report findings.

Click here to read our one page flyer  'Childcare': Business or Profession? published in May 2015.