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Press Release, 14/10/2014: Budget 2015 a missed opportunity for affordable high quality ‘childcare’

Girl with Puzzle oneDublin Oct 14th - Start Strong – a coalition of organisations and individuals seeking to advance children’s early care and education in Ireland - welcomed aspects of today’s budget while highlighting that it was a missed opportunity to move towards affordable high quality ‘childcare’ in Ireland.

Start Strong’s Director, Ciairín de Buis, reacting to Budget 2015 stated, “Parents here pay some of the highest costs in the world for childcare, an average of €167 a week. We welcome the Back to Work Family Dividend which will help some families moving back to work. But it’s really just kicking the can further down the road, as €29.80 a week doesn’t address the real cost of childcare (average €167 per week for a full-time place), and parents will lose this additional payment after 2 years.

Child benefit

“We also welcome the increase in child benefit of €5 a month, after years of cutbacks, but it’s not enough to make a big difference to most families”

“This budget was a missed opportunity to have subsidised 'childcare', and ensure all children had access to high-quality affordable ‘childcare’” added Ms de Buis.


Start Strong welcomed the announcement of a new team of early childhood education inspectors. “Early education is hugely beneficial to young children, but only where it is of high-quality. Hopefully this announcement is a step towards an inspection system focused on the quality of our early education” Ms de Buis said.


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Ms Tressan McCambridge 087 295 9344 or Ms Ciairín de Buis 087 1207 103