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Seminar on 4th March 2013- Scandinavian Childcare: Making it Happen

Please note that due to newspaper licensing regulations, links to press articles from our website are no longer active.

We came together with our colleagues in Barnardos, the National Women's Council of Ireland and OPEN to examine more long-term solutions for childcare and after-school care in Ireland. To this end, we conducted a survey on childcare and after-school care, and held a seminar entitled “Scandinavian Childcare: Making it Happen”, on Monday 4th March 2013.

The conference, which was chaired by Olivia O'Leary and heard experiences of parents Linda Brennan and Michelle Mangan, was very well-attended and generated a lot of media interest.

Below are links to the background documents and speaker presentations.

Background papers

Agenda "Scandinavian Childcare: Making it Happen"

Policy Paper, Scandinavian Childcare Making it Happen .

Childcare and Afterschool Snapshot Results


Presentation Professor Tine Rostgaard, "The Nordic Child Care Model - Components, Investments and Outcomes".

Presentation Dr. Michéal Collins, "Scandinavian Childcare: Adapting to the Irish Context".

Presentation Toby Wolfe, " The Case for investment in our children".

Presentation Frances Byrne , "Snapshot of Parents’ Experiences of Childcare & Afterschool Care".

Media coverage

The Irish Times, 5th March 2013, “Campaigners urge annual €2bn childcare investment to benefit early development”, by Judith Crosbie

The Irish Times, 5th March 2013, “Recession is magnifying childcare problems facing working parents”, by Arthur Beesley

The Irish Times, 12th March 2013, "Nordic Nirvana for Working Parents"

The Irish Times, 5th March 2013, “Parents forgo food to pay childcare”, by Sheila Wayman

The Irish Times, 5th March 2013, “Case Study 'Inconsistent' care”

The Irish Times, 5th March 2013, “Case Study 'It wasn't working'”

Newstalk, 4th March 2013, “The Breakfast Show” – 14min40secs approx

Newstalk, 4th March 2013, “The Lunchtime Show” – 8mins 14secs approx

RTE Radio One, Monday 4th March 2013, “Drivetime”

Breaking, 4th March 2013, “Barnardos: Ireland needs to increase quality of childcare”

The, 5th March 2013, “Childcare costs leave parents struggling to pay household bills”

24th March 2013, Orla O'Connor (National Women's Council of Ireland) on "The Sunday Show", Newstalk. Listen here (29 minutes)

Sunday Business Post, 25th March 2013, "Your Money" special on childcare costs and Orla O'Connor Opinion Piecs "We Must Invest in the Future". (No link available)

Scandinavian childcare

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