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Visit of Professor Linda Mitchell, week commencing 17th September, 2012

A National Early Years Strategy - Ireland is about to develop its first National Early Years Strategy. Why is it important that we do this now? What difference could it make to the lives of young children? What can Ireland learn from New Zealand?

Professor Linda Mitchell has been very involved in the New Zealand Early Years Strategy and led the Government evaluation of New Zealand’s 2002-2012 national strategic plan for early childhood care and education, “Pathways to the Future”.

Professor Mitchell’s visit was organised by Start Strong as part of our on-going work to raise awareness of the importance of children’s early years and the potential impact of an ambitious National Early Years Strategy.

During her visit, she  met with a number of key stakeholders. Presentations from her visit can be viewed here, as well as a recent article"Enquiring Teachers and Democratic Politics". The New Zealand Ministry of Education's website has more details of the evaluation of New Zealand's strategic plan for early childhood care and education, "Pathways to the Future".

Pathways to the Future

Linda Mitchell Presentation at Oireachtas Briefing

Start Strong Presentation at Oireachtas Briefing

Linda Mitchell Presentation to the Expert Advisory Group

Article in Irish Times on 2nd October, 2012 "Lessons in Early Education from New Zealand"

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